Cancellation Policies

24 hours

All reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance (Subject to availability).

60% of the flight

To confirm a reservation, a deposit of 60% of the flight must be made.

Cancellation period

Reservations cancellations must be made with a minimum period of anticipation and a penalty applies on the value of the reserved plan as follows:

  • Minimum date change with 48 hours no penalty,
  • Cancellation of reservation before 15 days penalty 10%,
  • Cancellation of reservation between 14 to 7 days penalty 15%,
  • Cancellation of reservation between 7 to 2 days penalty 20%,
  • Cancellation of reservation with 1 day 30%
  • No show penalty of the total value 100%

Subject to availability

The rates described for the plans are subject to availability and total occupancy of the aircraft.


The dates are subject to schedules, therefore, the scheduled days should be consulted at or contact our hotline.


Flight operations will not be carried out in adverse weather conditions. In the event that for this reason the activity cannot be carried out, it will be rescheduled for the most immediate date or the money will be returned less an administrative cost equivalent to 7% of the rate. ** Subject to changes and cancellations due to occupancy rates.

We care about details, especially when it comes to your safety, PLEASE pay careful attention to the recommendations of our ground staff. If you have a concern, require additional services or have any inconvenience, please contact the line ( +57) 319 402 7205 or email [email protected]


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