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Yes, it is necessary that you make a reservation according to availability, even more so if the date is a holiday.

You can make reservations online or call us at the number on the page and we will be happy to make the reservations for you.

Women in a state of pregnancy up to 7 months. Children have no restriction.

No way. Our youngest passenger was 20 days old and the oldest passenger we know was 93 years old, so if you are between those ages you can do it without problems. If you are different in age than this, please let us know so we can take note.

Of course! One of our greatest emotions is allowing those who cannot walk to have the opportunity to continue enjoying the beauty of our landscapes.

Only if they fly alone, without the company of their parents.

Yes; It is particular that the topography of the region limits some weight conditions of the aircraft. However, do not hesitate to consult with our work team prior to requesting the flight.

Of course, contact us to brainstorm.

You must immediately refer to our website and check the plan you selected for our cancellation policies; If you can't find a way out, don't hesitate to contact a company service agent. In Colombia +57 319 402 7205 in the United States of America +1 (865) 230 4613 or via email to the address: [email protected].

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